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A.S.H. Auctions Update Saturday 21st August 2021

Posted On: 22 Aug 2021 by Lee Sherratt

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Update Saturday 21st August 2021

Well ladies and gentlemen our two-day event last weekend was another brilliant sale  but was marred by a couple of bidders who think it’s fun to bid at an auction with no intention of paying their invoices. These idiots have now been banned by the platform they were using, and the information has been passed to other platforms, making it virtually impossible for them to bid online.

All online platforms are working to stop this and with help from auctions houses will be able to come up with a solution.

Anyway enough of that ,we have just set up a timed auction which is now live. It started at 3.00pm today Saturday 21st August and will run until it starts to close at 8.00pm on Sunday 29th August. The sale consists of 296 lots and is only on the easy live platform www.easyliveauction.com  and our own live bidding website platform www.ashauctions.co.uk .

The other sale that we have completed is the surplus stock sale ,this sale consists of 700 lots and will be run on Sunday 29th August from our Cobridge Hall Sale rooms. The catalogue for this sale is now uploaded to  easy live platform www.easyliveauction.com  and our own live bidding website platform www.ashauctions.co.uk . It will be uploaded to the Bidspirit platform www.bidspirit.com in the next day or so.We will not be using ukauctioneers platform www.ukauctioneers.com for this type of sale.

Entries for our September general antiques & collectables sale is now closed. We are just waiting for three of our regular vendors to bring their items in and we will again have about 1,400 lots. The next question is do we split that 1,400 lots into two separate sales on different Sundays or do we stay with a huge two-day event. We will of course keep you all in the loop as we make our decision.

As I mentioned in the last newsletter ,we have been approached by a person who want to sell a considerable amount of gold jewellery. There are nearly 100 lots, so we came to a decision to try and get another 200 lots or so off other people and if we can do this ,we would take No commission off the sellers. A.S.H. Auction will only take their commission of the buyers, to make this viable we need some good quality gold jewellery. So, if any of you out there have some hidden items, search them out and bring them to us. We are hoping to hold this auction either the last Sunday in September or the first in October. Oh, one other thing the jewellery will NOT be held at Cobridge Hall ,it will be stored in a secure facility. Viewing will be by special arrangement.

We are working on another surplus stock sale as we speak, and this should be completed in the next few days and will be uploaded to the relevant platforms.

So good people you can see that its all going on here at Cobridge Hall, and so for now I will say farewell ,enjoy the rest of your Saturday.

Stay Safe.

Best regards

Mr Lee Sherratt (Owner/Auctioneer)

A.S.H. Auctions