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Posted On: 17 Mar 2021 by Lee Sherratt

Stock Clearance Sale. General Antiques & Collectables Sale . 27 Years in Business And More


Good day everyone.

Let us start this newsletter with a big thank you to all that joined us last weekend for our 27th anniversary two-day event. Not only were we inundated with emails, text, etc congratulating us but the sale was a massive success.

Team A.S.H. have their work cut out this week sorting all your orders out, we have more this week than ever before. There were 260 invoices run off from the event making this sale the busiest so far since going online. I have every faith in the team and with Maria at the helm I am sure everything will go to plan.

While all this is going on down at the sale room, I am busy sorting out the two-house clearances that I told you all about during last weekend’s sale. One of the clearances is going to take awhile as there is so much to do, but we have been given a long time slot for this job, so it should be an easy but long one. The other is waiting for the vendor to complete some work at the property before we can move the larger items out. The smalls are all at the saleroom now and will be entered into our next General, Antiques and Collectors sale

I also mentioned to you that entries for the next General, Antiques and Collectors sale is ending. We had about a dozen of you contacting us about lots you have, we managed to accommodate only half of you, apologies to the rest and thank you for understanding and we will take your items in for the next sale.

I have just uploaded our next surplus stock sale this comprises of 773 lots and again is new stock, not customer returns, damaged, undelivered and Not fake goods. We had one guy phone us ten minutes before the start of our last surplus stock sale saying we were selling fake/counterfeit goods. This person was obviously just trying to disrupt the sale and during the sale was proven to be talking a load of rubbish. Oh, and when I contacted him after the sale, he spurted another load of rubbish and then put the phone down and when I phoned back had switched the phone off. This is what you must put up with when running a business, the child like behaviour of certain morons.  

Any way enough of that. The sale again will be conducted from our Cobridge Hall salerooms and will be another online only sale. The date has been set for the Sunday 4th April, which is Easter Sunday and will commence at 10. 30am.The country will still have many restrictions in force that weekend so stay at home and join us. There will be loads of bargains, with 95% of the items being sold at NO reserve.

The thing is ladies and gentlemen restrictions I believe are starting to be eased the weekend after so you never know we might be able to open the saleroom for the next General, Antiques and Collectables It will be great to see you all again.

So, I will leave you to peruse the catalogue and hey no rush, we have given you 18 days before the sale date.

One thing before I go, if you are leaving auto bids please do not dwell. The reason for this is if the bidding comes down to two auto bidders and both have left the same bid, the one who left the auto bid first will win the item. This is confusing for some customers and if you need any further help on this matter please contact us or one of our four live bidding platforms.

Best Regards

Mr Lee Sherratt (Owner/Auctioneer)

A.S.H. Auctions