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Auction update For The 9th & 10th May 2020

Auction Update for the event held on Saturday And Sunday 9th & 10th May 2020


Good day one and all.


Another complete success!!!!! With hats, masks, sing songs and jovial banter throughout. Not forgetting Roz's picnic hamper full of goodies for husband Graham. I’m still waiting to hear from Simon Cowell , I understand he must be very busy so I'm being patient. (lol)


Weekend of the 9th And 10th June 2020 event was not only a milestone for of A.S.H. Auctions but has been confirmed now all monies are in as the 2nd best sale in their 26 year history.


The overwhelming success of the previous sale on the 19th April resulting in a huge amount of interest about when our next sale would be and may people wanting to enter lots. This soon spiralling out of control and we soon realised that we would have to stage this event over two days, something that we had not done before.


I again would like to thank everyone who took part in the sale and again I'm sorry in the delay in writing this news article, but because of the success of the sale we have been at the saleroom for the last five days processing orders, packing and sending of goods, and then came the huge clean-up operation. I can now say that the saleroom is back to normal and we are now ready to except lots for our next sale. Once more we would like to thank the two staff members who have been with us all week, they again have really pulled out the stops and have stepped up to the plate.


News soon gets around and we have had loads of enquiries about when the next sale will be and of course entering lots. We have already received and entered over 200 lots and these have now been photographed and descriptions entered into our auction program.


We have had no end of praise about the measures we have taken to keep yourselves and ourselves safe. and we thank you all for your comments. Until the government tells us otherwise these procedures will remain in and stay in place for goods in and goods out, plus working practices within the sale room.


We are aiming for the 1st or 2nd week in June for our next sale. At the moment no date has been set and we don't know if it will be staged over one or two days. I will of course keep you all informed via email, social media, etc.


So that’s it for now folks. Please stay safe and do your bit by following the guidelines.



Mr Lee Sherratt (Owner/Auctioneer)


A.S.H. Auctions