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Latest Auction News As 29th November 2020

Posted On: 29 Nov 2020 by Lee Sherratt

1,407 Lots Go Under The Hammer In Our December 5th And 6th General, Antiques & Collectables Sale. This Huge Sale Will Be Held Over Two Days (Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th December 2020) (Both Commencing At 10.00am


Good day everyone.

Well what can I say about the last sale? I am still in total amazement. I hope you all tuned in and were able to join in with our unbelievable surprise when lot number 1014 “ROMANESQUE SARSONYX (18th Century) CAMEO SURROUNDED BY Miniature MATCHING PEARLS ON A 14ct Or 15ct GOLD BROOCH” realized a staggering £6,180.00 plus buyer’s premium of 15%.We had put the estimate of £25/£35 on this brooch which was slightly embarrassing when it realized the final price. The lot took nearly 20 minutes to sell with over 600 bids being taken on all four of our superb live bidding platforms. It ended up with two bidders, one on the daddy of our platforms which is 1: Easyliveauction.com (Platform One) and the other on 3: Ashauctions.co.uk (Platform Three).The winning bid came from the person on 1: Easyliveauction.com (Platform One).

This is the highest priced lot in the history of A.S.H. Auctions, and I would like to thank all the bidders who helped to set another milestone in our 26 ½ years in business.

This during these dreadful times is something to brighten up our lives and help us get through this thing that has ruined so many lives and business’s. The vendor who entered this and more items that went well will at least have a very Merry Christmas. So, ladies and gentlemen get hunting in drawers and cupboards you never know what you might have hidden away.

I know I keep going on about our staff (Team A.S.H.) but they are worth praising. They have again in one week sorted all the orders out from the last sale and have got everything done for the next event. The person in charge of the day to day running of the auction room is of course my partner Maria, she has shown amazing leadership skills over the last 12 months or so, meaning that I can get on with other business matters.

So, I am delighted to announce the next sale which is another two-day event is uploaded to all platforms and will take place on Saturday 5th December and Sunday 6th December. This sale ladies and gentlemen comprises of 1,407 lots, we again have tried to split it into equal amounts per day or there abouts.

(Please NOTE because of the extra lots this sale will start at 10.00am on Both Days)

This will be our last sale of 2020 and we look forward to starting back in January. We have already started work on the first sale of 2021 and will keep you all up to date with the progress.

I will be back with another newsletter after this last sale of 2020 so I will wish you all the usual best wishes then. So, for now good people enjoy looking through the catalogue and get yourselves ready for this last huge two-day sale

We again are running four live bidding platforms for this sale

1: Easyliveauction.com (Platform One)

2: Ukauctioneers.com (Platform Two)

3: Ashauctions.co.uk (Platform Three)

4: Bidspirit.com (Platform Four)

So, stay at home, stay safe and enjoy the experience.

Enjoy the rest of your day


Mr Lee Sherratt (Owner/Auctioneer)

A.S.H. Auctions